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A new episode of this pre-war building

Read the title in the same tone as this old house, but a lot less fun.

First, my roomies are awesome. Do not assume for a moment that any of this means to insult them at all, not even their way of dealing, because usually putting a bucket there will work as the sink usually very quickly stops leaking of its own accord.

But without further ado...

The sink's apparently been leaking since my roomies got here. On the advice of the super, they put a small bucket under it.

Well, the bucket must have overflowed at some point and the water sat there eating away at the paper and wood-like stuff that was (on) the bottom of the cabinet. Today it started pouring out and someone put a towel under the sink. Well of course when i was scrubbing the remains of the leftovers from the short ribs i made a few weeks ago (a swearing that i would never let anything get that vile again), when i realized the sink had leaked out in front of the stove and started down the hall towards the bathroom. I dried the floor, Wring the towel out in the bathroom and open the under the sink to see how bad the damage is.

Two towels, a spunge, and a lot of suppressing my gag reflex later, i have finally the rotting mess cleaned up. And if you were curious what rotting paper does when it rots... it is very similar to the consistency of snot.


Well, tomorrow the super is being called, and in much the same tone of voice as I used earlier today when explaining that the idiot who had been supposed to make my phone run droid had failed to do so (when I'd specifically gone in the to get her to do it) and thus I incurred an additional $200 charge (because my previous phone didn't run the internet), I will get this fixed.

At least the chicken and leek pie leftovers were tasty, but probably should not have been microwaved.

Early New Year's Resolution

I... promise to post and check what others have posted more regularly.
God fucking damn anyone who thinks that the only alternative to selfish, unblunted capitalism is Eastern Bloc "socialism," who thinks that any amelioration to the market will automatically lead to Big Brother.

What about necessities for human rights being public in some way - decommodified - and everything else remaining commodified? They argue that will lead to shitty education, to shitty healthcare, but society-wide we have a lower standard of those rights than does basically any other post-industrialized nation which respects those rights. Society-wide, we have a greater differentiation with a fudged standard of education and healthcare so that the number of people with a substandard level doesn't show up.

And god fucking damn the term "so you can think you're morally superior." I don't. I know I'm not. I just think anyone who thinks this has no human compassion, no empathy, certainly no sympathy. Yes, I am aware the Eastern Bloc sucked. I hope they are aware that it wasn't following the full belly thesis of political and civil rights along with economic, social, and cultural rights that together make for a fairly developing society.

Writer's Block: Redo

If there was something you could change about your past, what would it be?

Quite a few things actually. I had an incident (likely caused by a kick to the head from a little kids soccer/football "game" but who knows or cares at this point) when I was five. It left me with a speech impediment: a slight, barely noticeable pause while my mind sorts through what noun - because it mostly happens with nouns - should go into a given place. Now I have to announce it in every interview I have in hopes that I will get a job. It also gets in the way of occasional everyday speech, and the incident also left me with a need for extra time, which very much gets in the way of timed tests, namely the LSAT. Having found what I want to do - economic rights, in some regard - I have finally found what degree I need: an LLM (post JD degree) or MA in Human Rights... right. I now have a 161 LSAT score. There's no way I can get that above a 170 enough to get into one of the schools with a Human Rights degree.

Other things: I would redo the first two years of my undergrad career. Seriously. I did not need to study Engineering for that long after it became clear it wasn't my thing. Probably would have tried to triple major in Political Science, History, and Economics, or have transfered into another school at NYU to focus on either a cross-major degree or a form of undergrad human rights.

Other than that, make myself more interested in history and politics/political traits from a very young age. Anything to erase a few conversations like:

Me: *having just given a utopia presentation before we read The Giver*
Other person: Marxist.
Me: What?
Other: Marx.
Me:... I have an uncle named Marc.

Right self. You were 13 at the time.

Ah ca ira, ca ira, ca ira!

Happy Fête Nationale, Bastille Day, citoyens et citoyennes!

A little housekeeping...

Sorry, in the radical archives where I work, it's usually called housekeeping... I have no clue why.

First note: OMG, closing argument! http://www.scribd.com/doc/33166731/Perry-v-Schwarzenegger-Vol-13-6-16-10 Ted Olson just pounding away at it, covering basically every angle and making sure that the judge (who's pretty kick-ass himself, really, really thorough, and clearing having a blast giving Olson what must seem like his second bar exam with how thorough and nitpicky he's being - probably so that there can be as little argument against the ruling as possible). Basically, after that argument, the judge is going to have to pick the plantiffs' side, because Olson was awesome at doing what he set out to do.

Second note: Yesterday in 1948 is apparently the day the United Nations Commission on Human Rights adopted the International Declaration of Human Rights (as opposed to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the remainder of which came out on Dec 10th of that same year).


Personality Quiz: Idealist (NF)

Describes me pretty well, I think...

Your result for Easy, Accurate Personality Test - Updated!...

Idealist (NF) - Soulmate

38% Idealist, 25% Guardian, 38% Rational and 0% Artisan!

Your best matches:

1. Rational (NT) - Mindmate

It is the Rationals who are most attracted to Idealists, for not only do they share the NFs' abstract, introspective cast of mind, and thus have someone interesting to talk with, but they truly admire the NFs' emotional sparkle, their personal warmth, and their insight into people. These Idealist-Rational relationships do not always remain harmonious, of course. Conflicts of NF emotional expressiveness against NT self-control, of NF intuition against NT logic, and of NF ethical or humanitarian concerns against NT technical pragmatics can prove challenging in even the best Idealist-Rational marriages.

Read more...Collapse )
So I'm home for my sister's wedding, which happened yesterday - Congratulations, Jackie and Steve! - and other than the joys of the event itself, everything I've been saying to my parents just goes over their heads, like everytime I discuss politics or history or anything other than what they are interested in, everytime I explain the debates on human rights which continue to go on in the UN and which I wrote a paper I got an A on or discuss history other than FDR, whom my dad is now obsessed with, my parents start talking midword, mid sentence, mid idea, about something completely trivial that they've discussed only twenty times per visit and not as though they are changing the topic of conversation or anything but just as though no one was talking. At least they could give me a few minutes to explain something I'm interested in and did a paper on and plan to make a career out of, particularly as I listen when they tell exactly the same story as the nineteen other times they told it this visit.

Political Compass test

My Political Views
"I am a far-left moderate social libertarian"
Left: 8.15, Libertarian: 2.34
My Foreign Policy Views
Score: -4.05
My Culture War Stance
Score: -6.98

Political Spectrum Quiz

Interesting... I would most certainly not call what I am libertarian, even with a little l. And I wouldn't call myself exactly non-interventionalist either...


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